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                您當前的位冷光頓時朝他看了過來置:首頁 > 無線模◥組產品 > GNSS模塊

                尺寸:11X10mm MTK芯片 GPS&北鬥雙模



                n  Build on high performance,low-power

                   MediaTek MT3333 chip set

                n  Ultra high Track sensitivity: -165dBm

                n  Extremely fast TTFF at lowsignal level

                n  Built in high gain LNA

                n  Low power consumption: Max45mA@3.3V

                n  NMEA-0183 compliantprotocol or custom


                n  Operating voltage: 2.8V to4.3V

                n  Operating temperaturerange:-40to85℃

                n  SMD type with stamp holes

                n  Small form factor: 10.1x9.7x2.2mm

                n  RoHS compliant (Lead-free)



                Power Supply

                ?         Supply voltage:  2.8V~4.3V  Typical: 3.3V

                Power Consumption

                ?         Acquisition:  45mA @VCC=VBAT=3.3V

                ?         Tracking:  40mA  @VCC=VBAT=3.3V

                ?         Standby:  3.0mA  @VCC=VBAT=3.3V

                ?         Backup:  15uA  @VBAT=3.3V

                Receiver Type

                ?         Code 66 search channels, 22 synchronous tracking  channels

                ?         GPS&QZSS L1 1575.42MHz C/A , Beidou B1  1561.098MHz

                    SBAS: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN


                ?         Tracking:    -165dBm

                ?         Re-acquisition:   -156dBm

                ?         Acquisition:    -148dBm

                TTFF (EASY enabled)

                ?         Cold start:    15s  typ @-130dBm

                ?         Warm start:    5s  typ @-130dBm

                ?         Hot start :    1s  typ @-130dBm

                TTFF (EASY disabled)

                ?         Cold start(Autonomous):   35s   typ @-130dBm

                ?         Warm start (Autonomous):   30s   typ @-130dBm

                ?         Hot start (Autonomous):   1s    typ @-130dBm


                Accuracy (Autonomous)

                ?         <2.5m CEP @-130 dBm

                Max Update Rate

                ?         Up to 10Hz,1Hz by  fault

                Accuracy of 1PPS Signal

                ?         Typical accuracy: ±10ns

                ?         Time pulse width 100ms

                Acceleration Accuracy

                ?         Without aid: 0.1m/s2

                Dynamic Performance

                ?         Maximum altitude:  18,000m

                ?         Maximum velocity:  515m/s

                ?         Acceleration: 4G

                UART Port

                ?         UART Port: TXA and RXA

                ?         Supports baud rate  from 4800bps to 115200bps, 9600bps by default

                ?         UART port is used for  NMEA output, MTK proprietary

                    commandsinput and firmware upgrade

                Temperature Range

                ?         Normal operation: -40°C ~ +85°C

                ?         Storage temperature:  -45°C ~ +125°C

                Physical Characteristics

                ?         Size: 10.1±0.15 ×9.7±0.15 ×2.2±0.1mm

                ?         Weight: Approx. 0.41g